VECTOR Demo Request Form

Centriforce has authorized  up to 30 day use without charge on a single computer.  After 30 days 
you may not use Vector without purchasing a license.  Demos are a 30 day time limited copy.  
There is a tutorial manual in PDF format, included in the download.  An e-mail with download 
instructions will automatically be sent in response to your request.
Demo requests with missing information may be delayed or rejected.  If you provide the 
requested information, and your demo request is approved, you will normally receive the
demo access instructions by an e-mail sent within 24-48 hours.

Please note: The Vector demo may not be available in all countries due to commercial, political 
and other market restrictions.
All requests from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and
Switzerland are forwarded to the local supplier. Thank-you for your interest in Vector.

Supply us with your complete contact information below to request a free Vector trial demo download:

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* * I agree to either pay for the Software or remove & destroy all demo materials within 30 days.
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(Lathe, Mill, etc) Other Comments.

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